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Using our Boat stand to unload a boat

You can lift your motor boat or yacht off a trailer using our boat stands. All you need is 4 boat stands of the appropriate height and a heavy duty engine workshop crane with an appropriate load capacity. For instance if your known boat weight is 2 tonnes and the engine is at the back of the boat, the hoist should have a capacity in excess of 1 tonne.

Firstly, put two of our boat stands under the rear of the boat and using the spanner supplied, wind the back of the boat off the trailer by about 1 inch and then connect the crane to the front of the boat as shown in these pictures, using appropriate chain and links. Protect the frontof the boat from the crane using wood and carpet as shown in the photos. *At this point make sure you will be able to get the boat stands under the rear of the boat when it's loaded on the trailer*

Using the crane lift the boat so that it is about 1 inch clear of the trailer, then pull the trailer carefully forward until it almost touches the crane. Then place the next two boat stands under the forward section of the boat and behind the trailer wheels. Then use the stand to jack the boat up to take the strain from the crane. Then carefull release the crane and remove it.

Finally, pull the trailer clear!

We advise that you then insert some keel blocks to support the weight of the boat. Care should be taken when moving the trailer forward that it doesn't catch on something and pull the entire rig forward. Care should also be taken that the hull is strong enough to take it's own weight on our four stands.

We take no responsibility for these suggestions on how to unload a boat from a trailer but we have done it successfully many times.

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Frontal view of the crane attached to the boat. To load the boat from the stands you reverse the trailer up to the boat and take the weight with the crane and the push the trailer back into the correct position and the use the boat-stands to lower the boat onto the trailer. Close up of how crane is attached to boat. Note the wooden support block protecting the boat from the crane. View of the rear of the boat jacked clear of the trailer. Side view of our boat stands fitted to rear of the boat.
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View of the boat clear of the trailer. The trailer is pulled forward until the wheels arrive at the crane on the front and then the 2 front boat-stands are placed to allow the crane to be released and the trailer removed. To load this process is simply reversed. View of the trailer where it has been pulled forward up to the crane. Then place the boat stands under the forward part of the boat and wind them up to meet the boat. This is the safest point to put your keel blocks under The trailer is reversed into this position before the crane is put into place


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